Allison & James | Carrie Furnace Engagement

I met Allison & James almost a year ago at a coffee shop in Squirrel Hill. It was definitely a chilly fall November night. The second they walked in the door it was nothing but warm hugs and an amazing feeling that you just made two close friends!

A&J are nothing short of amazing. I looked forward to their engagement session all winter and spring. Summer finally came and we spent an awesome night at Carrie Furnace with perfect July weather. Not that hot July weather that makes you hot and sticky. I’m talking - breezy, no humidity and a warm sunset that gives you all the feelings. We threw on some great throwback tunes and danced around the furnace until the sun went down.

If their engagement session is any indication of how their wedding is going to be - I CAN’T WAIT.

Just three old friends laughing and dancing. That’s the way life should be.