A little about myself

  • My name is Kaitlin; I'm 29.

  • Based out of Pittsburgh, PA and available for travel.

  • I am a self-proclaimed cat lady. (Okay. Not really self-proclaimed. I just am.)

  • I believe in happiness, love & laughter, being kind to one another and being yourself.

  • My sweet tooth will not be denied.

  • Music is deep, deep, deep within my soul.

  • I collect vinyl, tea cups & elephants from around the world.

  • I talk. A lot.

  • I'd rather spend my night at a concert or playing board games.

  • I cry at every wedding I go to.

  • I've got the travel bug. Bad.

  • Gilmore Girls is my all time favorite show.

  • I want to hug an elephant someday.

  • I think the smell of snow is comforting.

  • I could eat Mexican, Thai or Indian every day and be totally satisfied.

  • I will un-apologetically stop and pet anything cute & fluffy.